How to Create a Digital Content Strategy and Harvest More Website Traffic

Content strategy is a trending concept that takes many shapes and meanings. It can define the content you create on your website’s core pages, the types of content you write and publish on your blog, or what forms of content you produce and share on social media. In general terms, content strategy an overarching way of defining the type of content your producing (i.e. blog posts, photos, infographics, videos, memes,… Read More »

3 Best Internet Marketing Channels for Local Businesses

Like any organization, local businesses in particular have a lot of options when it comes to advertising and marketing. While there’s no question that Internet marketing is one of the most effective avenues, many business owners still struggle with where to invest their marketing dollars. Deciding between digital platforms doesn’t have to be complicated. While there are many avenues a local business can take – such as Facebook ads, Yelp… Read More »

6 Web Development Strategies for Highly-Optimized Websites

From search engine optimization (SEO) to conversion rate optimization (CRO), the initial stages of web development lay the groundwork for success. Unfortunately, many vital SEO and CRO elements of web development go overlooked. As a result, businesses scramble to clean-up code, optimize meta data, implement Schema, and address important components that should have been taken care of pre-launch. Whether your optimizing an existing website or building anew, below we underscore… Read More »

SEO-friendly Web Design: 5 Elements Where Most Sites Drop The Ball

Whether it’s a brand new site or a re-design project, SEO is all too often secondary to web design. And it’s an unfortunate situation when traffic plummets as a result of making a site look pretty. But smart web designers know that performance should never be sacrificed as a result of aesthetics. These professionals are also adept to employ the right SEO-friendly web design techniques to ensure the ball doesn’t… Read More »

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