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When it comes to offering the best in web design, Traverse Web separates itself from other Traverse City web design companies by building fully-responsive, search engine optimized websites driven for performance. Every website our team designs centers on a seamless user experience that helps businesses achieve their online objectives.

In today’s mobile-centric digital age, it’s now more important than to take ownership of a web presence that’s both mobile-friendly and SEO-friendeverly. Not only must your business be found in search, but it also needs to be responsive on all mobile devices.
Traverse City Web Design Company
At Traverse Web, we offer the experience and expertise to help your business meet its digital goals. For more information, contact us today or learn more about our Traverse City web design services below.

Traverse Web Design Packages

At Traverse Web, we are an experienced and professional web design company that offers affordable packages for small to medium sized businesses. Our web design packages offer varying levels of depth depending on the size of the website and its performance requirements. From our Essential web design package for small businesses to our Advantage web design package for more robust capabilities, we can customize any of our packages to best shape your web presence.

Essential Web Design Package

For almost any type of business, it’s extremely important to have some kind of web presence. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend and arm and a leg on custom web design services, nor do you have to go back to school to learn how.

At Traverse Web, we are dedicated to creating premium quality websites that tailored to your specifications (and without breaking the bank.) Our Essential web design packages makes the entire process extremely easy and hassle free. We provide turnkey solutions that enable you to take full control of your site’s content, all while operating on a clean platform that resonates with your brand.

Learn more about our Essential Web Design Package for specifications and pricing.

Expanded Web Design Package

Require a website that offers slightly more advanced capabilities and control? Needing a website that can be updated by you without needing to purchase any pricey design software? Traverse Web can design you a fantastic looking website in WordPress that allows you to do just that.

Our Expanded web design package provides Traverse City businesses a solution that offers customization, technical support, and training enable your team to take full control. Whether you’re code savvy or have minimal experience working with websites, we’ll show you how easy it is create new content, edit existing content, and make necessary updates to your website.

Learn more about our Expanded Web Design Package for specifications and pricing.

Advantage Web Design Package

For complete customization of your website’s layout, design, and performance capabilities, our Advantage web design package delivers the best return on your investment. While still operating on the WordPress platform, our web developers and graphic designers work together to craft higher performing websites. From ecommerce and shopping cart capabilities to multi-tiered URL structures, our Advantage web design package offers limitless potential.

Unlike some Traverse City web design companies that rely on plugins and basic WordPress installs, we actually manipulate the code to meet our clients demands. It’s aspects like these that define our team at Traverse Web as a highly proficient web design and development company.

Learn more about our Advantage Web Design Package for specifications and pricing.

SEO-friendly Web Design Services

In digital era where it starts with Google search, not only is it important to have a mobile-friendly website that renders clearly on all devices, but it’s also vital to have a SEO friendly website that will be found in search. Over the past several years, our web designers have worked with some of Traverse City’s most experienced SEO specialists. Together, we craft custom, optimized websites that are driven for performance.

At Traverse Web, we understand how to effectively design and develop a website with the proper elements for maximum SEO value. From seamless coding structures, Schema markup, and optimized media, we take into consider a number of elements that gives your business a competitive edge. Our web design specialists establish the platforms to ensure each of our clients’ websites are designed and built with the proper HTML markup to ensure superior crawlability and indexability for the search engines.

Our Traverse City web design company focuses on delivering the absolute best results possible for our clients’ marketing objectives. While we consult with other specialists for ongoing SEO programs, we almost always provide web design solutions that offer a solid foundation to build top rankings for our local Traverse City clients.

A Web Design That Generates Conversions

When your company invests in new web presence, achieving top rankings and increasing traffic are two important ingredients. The ultimate goal is to drive more conversions (sales, contacts, email address collection, etc.) from that traffic.

Our web design company designs and develops conversion-minded websites for our Traverse City clients by using a variety of website optimization techniques and conversion optimization strategies, such as designing effective calls to action, A/B Testing, and using impactful conversion-oriented web copy explaining the benefits of your products or services to entice more conversions. When building an Traverse City website design for your marketing campaign, driving conversions must be at the forefront of the marketing team’s mind.

Easy to Manage Web Design

When investing in a lead-generating marketing strategy for your local business, keeping your website’s content up-to-date, interesting, and relevant are key ingredients. The easiest way to achieve this is by developing the website design on a SEO-friendly, easy to manage content management system (CMS).

While there are many CMS platforms out there to choose from, in our experience there are only a few content management systems in particular that SEO and web design companies uses to develop feature rich and search engine friendly sites. At Traverse Web, we opt for WordPress – a CMS platform in which most website on the Internet operate. Not only is WordPress easy to manage, but because it’s so prominent, there are no shortages of professional WordPress developers, Traverse Web included. It’s what makes a top-tier Traverse City web design company.

3 Web Design Plans to Choose

Essential Plan

Starting at $700

Simple and Easy

HTML Website

Basic Website Design

Expanded Plan

Starting at $1000

Elegant and Customized

WordPress Website

WP Website Design

Advantage Plan

Call for Pricing

Completely Customized Layout

Graphic Design

Completely Customized

Traverse Web’s approach to web design is aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience. We will design your site for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (such as computers, tablets and smart phones)

Avoid going out and spending hundreds of dollars on web design software. Traverse Web will design your custom website in a wonderful Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress, which allows you to log into a personal administration area to add/delete pages, update content and even add/delete images.

Looking for a way to sell a product or products online??
At Traverse Web we have multiple web design options to help you set up your customized online store. Our eCommerce websites are built to perform and provide results that lead to a successful website and a return on your investment.

Want to help promote your business or yourself with Social Media? We can integrate your existing social media to your website. If you are wanting to get into the Social Media experience and do not know where to begin, let us set up your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other Social Media page.

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